The ICOM ISTA/P programming system is application software of the ISPI network. ISTA/P can process all control unISTA of BMW Group vehicles that can be encoded, programmed or require enabling.

2014.12 ICOM ISTA-D 3.46.30 ISTA-P 54.2.002 Software HDD


Vehicle programming / encoding is only permitted if:

A procedure in the ISTA workshop system issues a vehicle programming/encoding instruction

An approved fault elimination action on the part of BMW requires vehicle programming/encoding

A conversion or retrofit is present

Within the framework of a technical campaign

Control unISTA have to be replaced.

User information

This user documentation explains to the user in the workshop the main functions of ISTA/P and the procedure involved in vehicle programming/encoding. This user documentation also explains the installation of ISTA/P.


Changes to BMW ICOM ISTA/P and to user documentation

General information regarding ISTA/P

Installations for use of ISTA/P

Vehicle Interface ICOM (Integrated Communication Optical Module)

Preparation and subsequent evaluation of vehicle programming/encoding

Start ISTA/P, "Session" menu (create new session)

"Vehicle" menu

"Service" menu

"Data Administration" menu

Post programming initialisation (service functions)

Immediate actions (executing service functions without action plan/final report)

Update and enabling of the navigation system map data,

Update Gracenote®-DB

Manual entry after programming abort

Mandatory and special measures

Call Back, screen layout, function overview ISTA/P

Programming with manual entry in I-bus vehicles

Installation locations, OBD diagnostic socket and MOST, connection options BMW

Procedure for programming and encoding BMW vehicles

Car & Key Memory (CKM)

Conversion and retrofitting, IBAC enabling codes

Replacing control units

Programming BMW navigation systems



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