I got a MINI VCI cable with Techstream software last week. I have been plaing it on my Scion fr-s asphalt M/T for several days and it does everything I want it to do. Here I would just post my experience using Techstream to code the car.
Scion ECU coding with MINI VCI
-Where did I get the cable and software?
China. I got it from this guy : http://www.obd365.com/wholesale/mini-vci-for-toyota-tis-techstreamsingle-cable-free-shipping.html

-How much did it cost?
$24.99 free shipping

-Where did it ship from?

-How long did it take to receive?
About 2 Weeks

-What OS are you running?
Windows 7 32 bit on an older laptop and HP mini netbook

-Was it hard to install?
No, the install mini CD comes with a video of a walkthrough of the entire process. Includes how to install the driver, use the supplied software patch to disable activation, how to access the car. One thing is the MINI VCI Techstream cable works only on XP system, so I have to install it on XP mode. Here is a guide on setting up XP mode in Windows 7 system: http://www.wikihow.com/Install-Windows-Xp-Mode-in-Windows-7

-Can you program the ECU maps like an Ecutek Cable
No – I believe this is for customizing settings only like a dealer would use.

-Can I use an ECUTek cable to change the same settings
No – It has a chip in the cable for only flashing tunes

-Can I do this with the Torque app on my android phone
No, Torque is cool for monitoring live details from the car, logging and clearing error codes but does not let you change settings on the car

-Is the FRS listed?
Yes the FRS for 2013 and 2014 was available in the drop down
Scion ECU coding with MINI VCI

-What settings can you change?
A Bunch

Here are the screenshots of the main selection screen once it connects to the ECU

From here I clicked the customize settings
Scion ECU coding with MINI VCI

Here is the window that shows the settings you can customize
Scion ECU coding with MINI VCI

You select each one then click the right arrow at the bottom to continue to the following screens that allow you to change the settings

Wireless Control

As you can see mostly has to do with the remote keyfob

I changed the wireless autolock to off, I keep getting locked out when im dusting my car off in the morning

I changed the wireless buzzer volume which is the alarm chirp to 7, much nicer now, I can actually hear it

I changed the trunk unlock to a double tap instead of a long press
Scion ECU coding with MINI VCI

-The security screen is blank so has no options to change
Scion ECU coding with MINI VCI

-The Warning Customization

I shut off the passenger side seatbelt warning, hopefully this will disable the stop the cell phone on the seat from setting off the annoying warning
Scion ECU coding with MINI VCI

- Air Conditioner

Not sure what these settings do in an FRS but I can see doing something with the BRZ climate controls
Scion ECU coding with MINI VCI


This has something to allow for detection of the vehicle. Not Sure what this does
Scion ECU coding with MINI VCI

- Door Lock

Wish it allowed you to turn on auto lock on the car but it is blank
Scion ECU coding with MINI VCI

- Illuminated Entry

Allows interior lighting changes
Scion ECU coding with MINI VCI

- Light Control
Used this to shut off the DRLS
Scion ECU coding with MINI VCI

- Display
This page is blank
Scion ECU coding with MINI VCI

What other features does the tech stream have?

Has some pretty cool live monitoring of values from the ECU.
Scion ECU coding with MINI VCI

Also has some ABS and TPMS but I believe its for viewing only
Scion ECU coding with MINI VCI

-Another cool diagnostic feature I played with is being able to toggle the dash lights on individually to test functionality.


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