It is very common to find people have problems about the update of autel ds708. and some people are also find it cannot be started, so today I have a conclusion of its update and start problems. Hope it is useful for you.


There are two ways of updating this obd2 tool maxidas ds708. First one: register one account in, and then download the newest DS708 at with the username and password. The other one is to connect the internet cable to update.

Further, some friends said this car obd2 diagnostic tool cannot start. There are two ways to solve the problem. First is to draw the SD card, and then start up maxidas ds708 to see if it suggests you there is no SD card. Second one: if there is no SD card, insert into SD card to see if it can go to the homepage. Finally, if two solutions cannot work, it maybe something wrong with the internal operation program, youd better ask your seller to send you the update software.


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