When I come to Launch official site download center to download Launch X431 diagun 3vehicle software, there is only Chinese language available, no other language available, then I try to download Chinese software, it prompts IP is limited, what’s the matter?
X431 Diagun III IP is limited
Some users will encounter the similar “IP is limited” problem. Then how to solve?

After you receive Launch X431 diagun III, please do as following instructions:

Firstly send the seller your diagun III serial number (you can see it in the password letter, back of the machine and on the Bluetooth adapter), the country you are going to use and language you want.

Secondly, we will active your diagun according to your preference. It takes 24-48 hours to active.

Thirdly, after diagun is active, you can go to DBSCAR Official Website to register and download any vehicle software with your language, because the language available depends on your local IP address. Remember, our dealer Code is 86A (A is capital).

Now IP limited problem is solved.



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